Social Pai gow poker Mark a new Online Gambling Trend

Smartphones one the market, capsule computers and social networks have forever changed the facial skin of the gaming market. Originally, social gaming was perceived as a satta matka passing fad, but it seems that it is here to stay. The market has become so popular and profitable that even online casino developers decide to try their hand at creating social games that will appeal to a new audience of gamers.

Facebook was one of the first developers to make the text between social gaming and casino gaming. One of its first releases was Facebook Poker, an poker on-line application that handled like any other poker room : with the addition of social gaming features. Players could actually share their progress with friends and level up to trigger unique features. The success of Facebook Poker started the social gaming trend.

Soon, Facebook decided to launch other social casino applications, and it had not been before Facebook Pai gow poker was available on the Facebook Request market. This application offers player free-play pai gow poker games, with plenty of ‘unlockable’ features and shareable content. It led to the development of Facebook Elite Pai gow poker, which brings a new meaning to the term ‘social gaming’ by allowing players to work together to complete levels and win pai gow poker jackpots.

For a long time, Facebook had a monopoly on the social casino market, but it had not been before other developers started to get involved. Double Down Interactive launched the significantly popular Double Down Casino application, which was quickly seized up by online gaming developer IGT (International Game Technology). IGT was one of the first real-money gaming developers to try its send back the social gaming world, there are turned into a successful venture to date. Double Down’s games are still free pai gow poker but the application provides a great deal of ad revenue for IGT.

888 Holdings is one of the latest real-money gaming operators to make its way into the social gaming world. Their new social casino application is called MAGIC888, and it offers players the chance to play online pai gow poker and other casino games using the convenient Facebook Games platform. It operates on the same basis as social casino applications like Facebook Elite Pai gow poker and Double Down Casino, allowing players to share their progress with friends and level up to unlock bonus content. The only difference is that players can can guess actual cash and win genuine jackpot prizes.

The social pai gow poker and social casino markets are suffering from very quickly over time. From free-play poker apps to real-money Facebook casinos, social gaming has seen a great deal of change : and we can be ready to see even more innovative developments from social casinos in the future.

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