Safecracker is a Nintendo wii Game That will Exercise Your brain

There has been quite a bit of buzz about the Nintendo wii Fit which is exercise for your body. However, this home gaming console also offers some fabulous games that will exercise your mind. One of them is called SafeCracker. If you are determined to win Hire Crack The Code the game without reviewing any of the cheats it is going to take you quite a while to accomplish this goal.

Make sure you have a memory card ready so you can save the word you have done. There is just no way you are going to complete this particular Wii game in one setting. It doesn’t matter if you have all day to do it either! Safecracker involves a mansion with 35 safes located in various locations throughout it.

If you love to solve puzzles and to play video games, then Safecracker for the Nintendo wii may be just what you are looking for. You can move it along at a pace you are comfortable with. This game is going to be challenging though and it is going to exercise your mind. However, it will also provide you with hours of fun in a way you may not have experienced before with any video game you have played.

There are several levels for Safecracker so you can start out with the easier ones and work your way up. Make sure you read the directions though for all of the tips you can get. You don’t want to miss out on important clues throughout the game. Nintendo is keeping quite a lid on what the screens will be like for the game. What is known is that there will be tons of rooms in the mansion to go through.

It is highly anticipated that consumers will be extremely happy with this game though. In fact it is one of the most anticipated games for the end of 2008. This game is geared more for the adult age groups even though it will likely have a rating of E for everyone. This is due to the fact that it won’t have any violence or other factors that can warrant a stricter rating.

The game of Safecracker itself isn’t new, just to the Nintendo world. So if you want to get a head start you can take a look around online to see what it is all about. You are encouraged though to stay away from the cheats for now. That can take some of the fun and excitement out of the game. It is recommended that you try it all on your own first. Of course not all consumers will feel this way and so that is a personal decision for you to make.

The anticipation for this particular game is already at a huge height. It won’t be offered by Nintendo until October of 2008. This means when the weather turns colder you can snuggle up inside and play the game. Maybe the fact that the snow is falling outside and it is dark so early won’t bother you as much when you have something else to focus on. Playing video games on the Wii can help you occupy your time until the warmer weather comes along and you can spend more time outside.

The estimated purchase price for the game is about $30 and it should be a very good investment. If you enjoy playing games and figuring out puzzles then Safecracker can be a very interesting game for you to play on the Wii. It certainly isn’t a game for those that want fast action and fast results though. This is a slower paced game for someone with some patience and plenty of logic. If you have played Safecracker on other gaming consoles than chances are you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of it for the Nintendo wii. The time will go by faster than you think though as October is just around the corner.






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