Wooden Doll House Furniture – Valuable Works of art

It is believed that miniature models of dwelling places have existed for thousand of years now, one of the earliest being in Egyptian pyramids and tombs. However, these models are far from what we know miniature doll houses to look like. Evolution has also been good to this craft and it has brought about a number of developments cheap summerhouse furniture such as the wooden doll house furniture.

While modern wooden doll house furniture is usually made of plywood or fiberboard, this was not the case in earlier versions. Early European culture was known to have produced one-of-a-kind doll house furniture that did not adhere to any standard. Then, the craftsmen created individual pieces by hand with the absence of any machine.

During that time, intricately designed and hand-crafted wooden doll house furniture may have been reserved for the elite. After the Industrial Revolution however, wooden doll house furniture were made available to the not so elite because of mass production.

Today, a number of wooden doll house furniture available in varied scales. There were periods in its evolution though that there were specific scales popularized in the said time, such as the one inch scale made popular in the 1970’s, the half inch scale in the 1950’s, and even the 1/10th scale of the German market during the mid 20th century.

The trend in the evolution of doll houses and furniture, whether it is considered a wooden doll house, a wooden doll house furniture or not, are dependent on the preferences of the market as well as the availability of materials, and methods of construction. Take for example the time when a now classic doll became the rage then, the doll houses and furniture produced were scaled to accommodate the size of the doll.

The variety of wooden doll house furniture in the market today is also so overwhelming, that there is no excuse for not owing a piece of this amazing craft. The wide range of this product line includes cheap and affordable wooden doll house furniture to more expensive ones that are reserved for the wealthy and privileged.






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